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HAPPY and JOY the Guinea Pigs
Jan 2015 - So my daughter begged and begged for a few years, and finally her dream of owning guinea pigs came true. On Christmas morning 2014, she found the cage & food, and that was our way of saying she could pick out some guinea pigs. The very next day, she picked two young females and named them Comfort and Joy. After a few days, we realized Comfort was a bit too aggressive, and exchanged her for another little guinea pig which was named Happy! (Anyone remember the " Happy Happy Joy Joy " song from Ren and Stimpy?)  Our daughter loves them so much, and has been doing great with the new responsibility. She even hopes to train them. We'll see. In the meantime, these little rodents are actually growing on me. I love the little squeaky sounds they make!
Flying with the Blue Angels
July 2015 - These pictures of a Blue Angels
F/A-18 fighter jet, designated "#7" were featured in an article here about planes being mothballed at a site out in the desert. Seeing the pictures brought back memories for me.

The Blue Angels #7 plane is a specially modified two-seater F/A-18 which is used to take passengers along for the ride of their lives. I got to experience this thrill a few years ago when they were in town for an air show. Lieutenant Justin "Otter" Otto was the announcer for the demonstration team and the pilot of the #7 plane, and he took me for a once-in-a-lifetime flight. You can see it here .
King Snake - yikes!
August 2015 - I like to take my dog for walks every day. The other day, we came across a King snake and I had to take this video. These snakes can grow to be pretty big, but they serve a useful purpose, keeping the rodents, lizards and even other, poisonous snakes under control.